Wild Hideaways has a deep commitment to sustainability, local staff, products and services. We are refined eco luxury, in that we seek to redefine the spa break, to make it a sustainable experience that exudes luxury, but also one that fosters a direct connection to nature and the local community. We are committed to building a sustainable future for the hospitality industry and Ireland.


Climate change and the impact of human activity is the single biggest threat facing our planet, and we recognise the urgent need for action and the importance of playing our part in this journey towards a more positive future.


Sustainability is at the core of everything we do at Wild Hideaways. Our sustainability policy outlines what we currently do, and outlines a three year road map with targets and goals to become carbon neutral, preserve natural resources, support biodiversity and contribute to a more sustainable future for Ireland and the planet.

This policy focuses on four key pillars: Waste, Energy, Biodiversity and Local community



We have no single use plastics anywhere on site, which includes our spa slippers and toiletries and we adopt a reusable policy where possible.

We implement a strict waste separation policy with all waste segregated into general, recycling and compost. Recycling bins are available to guests and 4+ types of waste are recycled.

By the end of year one (2024)  we plan to have our composting site complete where guests will be able to compost all their food waste.


We are a paperless business and implement electronic messaging to deliver information to our guests in place of printed materials.

Water usage also forms a large part of this program. We have our own well and waste water treatment plant which means we are entirely self sufficient.

In place of chemical laden, water wasting jacuzzis we have our alfresco baths. Each bath only holds 240 litres of water which is supplied from our own well.

We collect and recycle rainwater to use in our pond area to keep the water fresh for biodiversity.

We implement water-efficient devices in public areas and discourage the use of plastic water bottles by providing glass vessels in our communal spa areas.



Reducing carbon emissions is a crucial step towards mitigating the impact of climate change. To reduce our carbon emissions we are implementing strategies that will reduce and in time remove our reliance on fossil fuels and promote the use of clean energy sources such as solar and wind.

We are committed to installing a solar system by the end of year 2 (2025) which will reduce our energy consumption up to 85%.

By the end of year 3 (2026) we hope to be carbon neutral and even carbon positive by partnering with an Irish carbon offset program.


Wild Hideaways currently implements a number of energy saving measures:

During quiet periods we turn off power in the lodges when they are not in use.

We encourage guests to reuse their towels and robes.

Our Lodges use energy efficient LED bulbs.

All windows are double glazed, walls and roofs are highly insulated and heaters are programmed to switch off once a comfortable temperature is reached.

Our housekeeping staff are trained to ensure electricity items are off in the Lodges.

Solar or sensor lights are used in all outside areas.



Biodiversity provides a range of ecosystem services that are essential for human well being, including clean air and water, nutrient cycling, soil formation and pollination as well as supporting cultural and recreational activities.

We are committed to supporting biodiversity and the natural environment at Wild Hideaways, especially as it is such an integral part of our visitor experience.

We use absolutely no chemicals whatsoever in our housekeeping or spa services. All products used are natural and come in biodegradable packaging.

Our re-wilding pond area was created on completion of our build to encourage local flora and fauna. It has become a hub of activity for frogs, insects, birds and small mammals.

We leave large areas of our site un-mowed to encourage wild flowers and other pollinator plants and to encourage a natural environment for wildlife.

We have already planted numerous Irish native trees on our site and we hope to partner with Reforest Nation by the end of year 3 (2026) to plant an Irish native tree for each guest that visits Wild Hideaways.



Wild Hideaways is wholly committed to investment in our small local community. The Mealagh Valley is a micro destination with a huge heart, and as members of the community and local business owners, it is not only our duty, but also our pleasure to enhance the community in which we live and work.

We employ local staff and buy local products and services wherever possible.

We invest a percentage of our revenue into the local community hall which is a hub for activities for locals.

We organise and promote regular clean ups of our local roadside and hedgerows.

We donate old/unwanted goods to charity

We actively look for other local community or sustainability projects that we could support.



This three year Environment Policy is the first step towards a more positive future, and we are committed to embracing the challenge and driving change. We will continually review and improve this policy to ensure we remain on track towards a sustainable future.


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